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Tablets & other drawing interface discussion


Tell us about how you draw things for Flash. Discuss interface devices, compare/recommend brands, models, techniques, or whatever. Talk about tablets, mice, trackpads, etc.


Willva suggested making this topic its own thread - so! Go on then, Willva! Tell us about your amazing draw-onto-the-screen interface thingy! I am going to buy one in the very near future, and I've considered doing what you did (buy 2nd hand) because US$4000 is not such a good risk for me to take on a new drawing device when all (three of) the pen-on-plastic tablets I've mucked around with over the years have turned out to be inferior to a plain old optical mouse when it comes to my requirements for Flash animation.

Is your tablet a stand-alone computer? Does it work with Flash or does it have its own special proprietary drawing software?

Or does it extend/clone the monitor of your desktop machine via USB so you can draw straight into your Flash projects and then grab the mouse and do other stuff that a mouse is more suited to, like manipulating timeline stuff?

What's it like to adjust to the distance between the tip of the real pen and the virtual ink onscreen? What about the time delay, compared to using a mouse?

Is it handy for frame-by-frame inbetweening?

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I draw with a $50 tablet... Does it show?  :-[

not lepy:

--- Quote from: WooleyWorld on October 27, 2011, 08:19:33 PM ---I draw with a $50 tablet... Does it show?  :-[

--- End quote ---
Epsilon said he uses the 1st-gen original Wacom Bamboo, so I think that pretty much proves that it doesn't matter.
I use the same thing. I'm thinking about getting a new one, though. The "rough-paper" feel wore off, and it's kind of annoying to draw with it.
But I love the look of it. It's a beautiful tablet.

I've also used Cintiq-type computers (my dad has brought home a few). It seemed like it needed some getting used to, but I was definitely able to feel more power over what I drew, nor was it the quality of a Cintiq, it was a stand-alone Windows XP tablet, so it was really...bleh.
I'd love to actually try a REAL Cintiq. I don't know about the new ones, though, they seem like they wouldn't even fit on my desk.

yeah I actually got one of those tablet but it just didn't feel reight and i got things done better without it, BUT! I certainly think that using a monitor
oriented tablet might be in my comfort

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