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Dude Chilling / Re: [music] what r u listening 2
« on: April 13, 2014, 07:55:34 PM »
thats not a comeback you retard

Dude Chilling / Re: [music] what r u listening 2
« on: April 13, 2014, 07:02:44 PM »
junkhead youre like peon if he erroneously thought he had interesting things to talk about

Dude Chilling / Re: [music] what r u listening 2
« on: April 13, 2014, 07:01:37 PM »
ugh god junkehad

casey if you want to hit me, prove me that you arent a bitch.
Im going to beat the crap out of you & then rip off your shitty colonial sideburns you dork

its not about kicking your ass; its about showing that you are capable of greater things. shut the fuck up and run and lift. I will guarantee you I will kick your ass and then some. Just be the greatest version of yourself.

dude i am really going to hit you at abscon just so you know

idk ive walked probably 6-7 miles in the last couple days combined tho

i'll give you $5 if you fight back

ill knock him back to before he deleted all the posts and give him a chance to make up for the past 4 years of his life

sam,you think the world is so black and white ,eh.... then how bout i give you a black eye and some white blisters... biatch. its going down @ abscon. be prepared

ill argue that im going to jam your nose with my knuckles

im going to knock you square in yoyr face at abscon junker

im going to beat the shit out of junk hed

well its actually for anxiety and its combination of panic attacks + fear of social situations + occasional agoraphobia all of which i have been experiencing since childhood

i don't have a medical degree and i'm not trying to attack you here, but i think your doctor is wrong and SSRIs won't help any of that stuff and you should try klonopin or valium instead
yeah that's what im going for but docs are real reluctant to prescribe those & it's going to take jumping through a few hoops

tell me when the medical degree comes in though because i value your opinion a lot when it comes to the state of my mental health

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